What makes a good PR photo?

Good PR photo example

If you’re sending out a press release or trying to get an editor interested in your story a good PR photo could make all the difference.

We all know the phrase, “a picture paints a thousand words” so use your photo to grab attention and help tell the story.

Your photo needs to convey all the different elements of your story, grab the readers’ attention and make them interested enough to read the story.

Tips for a good PR photo

  • Employ a professional – if you’re sending images to the media then they need to be spot on. Not only will a professional photographer have all the necessary equipment and skills to get the best shot but they can also give valuable advice.
  • Consider the story – brief your photographer on the story and decide how best to tell it on one image.
  • Understand your audience – consider the nature of the media and audience that you want to appeal to and take a photo that is appropriate for them. Can you visualise your photo on your target website or magazine?
  • Be creative – use props, change location or take an action shot. Aim to make your image stand out from the norm.
  • Take several shots – take a selection of photos so that you have different options for various media outlets. Take landscape and portrait variations.
  • Get consent – if you’ve included people in your photo make sure you seek their approval to use the image.

When you send your images to the press, make sure they have a resolution of over 300 dpi and are at least 1MB.

Image credit: James Millar commissioned for a Straight Marketing PR project.

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