How do you stand out from the competition?

For your business to be a success it needs to stand out from the competition in some way. So, how do you do that?

One way to differentiate your business from that of your competitors is to give your business a brand personality.

Sitting at the traffic lights the other day, I was pleased to see a local plumbing business doing just that.

I love the way Hamish the Plumber has chosen to brand his van. To me, it gives the impression of someone trustworthy and reliable - just the sort of person you'd be willing to invite into your home to fix a plumbing problem. He definitely stands out. I've never been inclined to take a photo of a plumber's van before!

I shared this picture on LinkedIn and a couple of my connections commented that they'd used Hamish and that he's brilliant. He's got his branding spot on.

So, if you're wondering how to make your business stand out from the competition, think about your brand personality. What kind of personality will your potential customers relate to? How can you communicate this in your branding to persuade them to like and trust in you?

What's our brand personality? Well, we're not 'fluffy' marketers. We give no-nonsense, honest and straightforward advice. If you like hearing it straight, then we're the marketing agency for you!

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