How to find creative marketing ideas

Creative marketing ideas

A creative marketing approach will help your business stand out from the competition but it’s not always easy to be imaginative. Here are some tips if you’re struggling to come up with creative marketing ideas for your small business.

7 ways to come up with creative marketing ideas

1. Check out the competition

While copying a competitor’s marketing idea would be distinctly uncreative, seeing what the competition is up to might give you some inspiration. Even a bad marketing initiative can give food for thought – how could you turn it into a successful idea?

2. Stay up to date

Read the marketing media, for example, Marketing Week and Campaign, to find out the latest marketing tactics and get inspiration from big brand campaigns. You might be able to use a new tactic or adapt a successful initiative to suit your budget and market.

3. Brainstorm

Whenever we need to come up with a new campaign for a client we always start with a brainstorm. Begin with the name of the product or the benefit that you want to promote and start jotting down any words and ideas that immediately come to mind.

4. Play on words

Turn to a thesaurus or a dictionary and search our alternative meanings or synonyms for your brand attributes, key selling messages or products. Check out this brilliant creative campaign from Pirate FM which was a play on “briefs”.

5. Be current

Hook onto current affairs, news or seasonal events. You can see what’s trending on Twitter to get some ideas. But, be careful not to exploit tenuous links. Here are some poor examples from the 2010 Royal wedding.

6. Open your eyes

Be alert to the marketing around you as you go about your day. For instance, notice the direct mail that comes through your door, look at the adverts on bus shelters, read the marketing emails you receive and take inspiration from the bits that resonate with you.

7. Instruct a marketing agency

If the creative juices really aren’t flowing, instruct a marketing agency. They’ll have up to date knowledge, past experience to work from and a creative mindset.

If you need help with your creative marketing ideas, please get in touch. We’d love to create your perfect marketing campaign.

Image credit: Pixabay