A great direct mail marketing example: Nice pants!

We are strong advocates of direct mail marketing and write often on this subject. Today we were the recipients of a direct mail piece from Pirate FM which we just had to share as a great direct mail marketing example. This is how to do it!

We’ve shown you our briefs… Now show us yours!

This is what we received:

Direct mail from Pirate FM
USB enclosure with direct mail
Direct mail enclosure

Why we loved this direct mail marketing example:

  • Receiving a parcel in the post is exciting, we just had to open it!
  • It is fun and on brand.
  • It is relevant to us.
  • It demonstrates creativity which is exactly the message they were trying to convey.
  • It included a useful branded gift (the USB) which we will probably keep. This will help keep the brand in our minds.
  • There is a direct call to action.

The only downside is that the pants are huge so no use as a stocking filler. Although they may come in handy for fancy dress at some point!

Have you got any direct mail marketing examples that you would like to share? Please comment below.

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