Top email marketing tip

If you Google "email marketing tips" you'll find hundreds of blog posts offering snippets of advice on email marketing best practice. Indeed, we've even written blog posts on the subject ourselves.

But, there's one email marketing tip in the mix which we think is worth highlighting as a stand-out.

Email marketing top tip

Make your emails look personal.

And by personal we don't just mean including the recipient's name in the email. Make your email look personal by throwing your fancy graphic-led template out of the window and opting for a plainer, mainly text-based email instead.


Because fancy branded templates can look like an impersonal message sent to a mass audience from a faceless company. When you're trying to keep on top of an overflowing email inbox, deleting unread marketing emails is a no brainer.

We've proven plain text emails work.

Every year we help one of our clients to promote their annual B2B event. In the lead up to the event, we send many promotional emails to encourage people to attend. Some recipients are already familiar with either our client or the event, and others are cold.

We've found that regardless of the recipient's relationship with our client, we get a far higher response when we send plain text emails. We've created a template which looks like a standard Outlook email. So even though we send the emails in bulk via an email marketing platform, each one looks like it's been individually sent by the MD. Wouldn't you be more inclined to open an email if it looked like it had been sent just to you?

Less bling works.

Of course, there will be many instances when a nicely designed and branded email is more appropriate. But it's not the only way. If you're trying to engage with someone and start a conversation, a plain email could be a better approach.

Please feel free to comment on your email experiences, both as a sender and a recipient, below.

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