Could your brand be like a robin?

Last month I blogged about turnips. This month, I’m turning to robins inspired by a recent visit by a robin to my office.

How often do you notice a cute robin perched in your garden or singing in the hedge? Maybe seeing a robin makes you think that a deceased loved one is watching over you or gives your comforting thoughts of Christmas?

Robins are a much-loved British bird.

But did you know? Robins are fiercely territorial and will aggressively confront any intruders on their patch. They’re not so cute after all.

We’ve romanticised our image of the robin and created our version of it.

I expect you’re wondering what that has to do with marketing your business 🤔

Well, here’s the thing. Like we’ve done with the robin, your customers can easily create their version of your brand. And worryingly, their perception of it might not tally with how you want to be known. 

If you’re not 100% consistent with how you look, behave and communicate, you leave your brand open to misinterpretation. So, don’t be a robin. Ensure everything you do is 100% on brand, all the time, every time.