Is your website a let down?


You click on a website’s “News” page, see the typical sub-heading “Keep up to date with our latest news”, and the “latest” article is at least a year old, or worse, there’s nothing there at all. What a letdown!

Your impression of that company, who you might have been about to spend money with, instantly goes down. Yet, so many websites I visit let themselves down here.

I get it. Updating your news page generally comes pretty low in the priority list when you’re running a business. But it’s so important. Not just for that vital first impression but because Google will reward you for keeping your website up to date and bump you up the rankings.

If you’re struggling to keep your news page up to date, here are my suggestions:

  • Rename your “News” page to something more general like “Blog” or “Insights” (overused in my opinion but lots of people like it). Ours is called “Straight Talking“. Now you can share articles that aren’t all newsy.
  • Spend some time brainstorming ideas for your newly renamed blog page and create a diarised list of topics. If you do the thinking upfront, it makes the process of writing blogs less painful.
  • Take a day, or half a day, to write a batch of blogs and schedule them. Once you’re in the flow, you might as well keep going.
  • Outsource the task to a copywriter or marketing company (hello 😊). With a steer from you, they can keep the momentum going and take away the pain of doing it yourself.
  • Remove the date on your articles! It’s not really an approach that I advocate but if the content you’re posting isn’t time sensitive this can be a solution.

And, if all of the above is too much effort, just remove the page.