Straight Marketing’s most useful marketing blogs of 2012

As this is the last week of 2012 we have selected what we believe are our five most useful blog topics of 2012 and put them into one convenient blog post for you.

1. Marketing Plan Template

Posted just two weeks ago this blog post provides you with an outline marketing plan template to help you effectively plan your marketing activity for 2013.

2. Measuring Marketing Effectiveness

An important aspect of any marketing plan is how you will measure the return on investment. This blog post provides you with some simple ways to monitor the effectiveness of your marketing activities.

3. Blogging: what to blog and how to promote your blog

Blogging is a key tool in your content marketing strategy and these two blogs will assist you to get started and develop your blog. The first provides suggestions on what to blog about whilst the second demonstrates how to promote your blogs to increase your readership.

4. Effective email campaigns

Do you get bombarded with emails that don’t interest you or aren’t relevant? This blog post will help you ensure your email marketing campaigns hit the right note and convert potential customers into sales.

5. Low budget marketing ideas

This blog post provides some low cost marketing suggestions to help you increase sales without breaking the bank!

We hope you have enjoyed reading our marketing blogs in 2012 and look forward to sharing more topics with you in 2013.

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