How to create an effective advert

For your print advertising to be effective your adverts need to create an impact. You need to stand out from the crowd and grab attention, here’s how.

How to create an effective advert:


[icon type=”wand” color=”#26a29a” size=”20px”] Remember the 5 second rule

You’ve got a maximum of five seconds to communicate your message and your branding so lead with your key message.

[icon type=”wand” color=”#26a29a” size=”20px”] Keep your message simple

Stick to one message and make it clear. Remember that adverts tend to be scanned not read.

[icon type=”wand” color=”#26a29a” size=”20px”] Keep the copy short

The longer the copy, the less likely it is to be read. Stick to a maximum of four to five sentences/bullet points.

[icon type=”wand” color=”#26a29a” size=”20px”] Call to action

Include a clear call to action to lead your audience to take the next step.


[icon type=”wand” color=”#26a29a” size=”20px”] Make it visual

Adverts that are image led stand out better and look more appealing. The main visual should be relevant to the copy and the product/sevioce being advertised. A main visual placed at the top or left side of the advert engages readers by leading them through the advert.

[icon type=”wand” color=”#26a29a” size=”20px”] Make it personable

Create an emotional connection by using images of people or something your audience can identify with.

[icon type=”wand” color=”#26a29a” size=”20px”] Be surprising

Make your advert memorable by trying something funny, cute or surprising – avoid being predictable.

[icon type=”wand” color=”#26a29a” size=”20px”] Use colour

Colour adverts are more visually attractive and noticeable than black and white.

[icon type=”wand” color=”#26a29a” size=”20px”] Show your brand

Ensure your brand is clearly visible and recognisable.

[icon type=”wand” color=”#26a29a” size=”20px”] Be consistent

All your adverts should have a consistent look and feel so that they are instantly recognisable and reinforce your brand.

Advertising can be a powerful tool to raise brand awareness and communicate with your target audience.  Following these simple tips will help ensure your advert has impact and your investment pays off.

Here is an example of a recent advertising campaign that we devised for our legal client, which ticks all the boxes!