12 low-cost marketing ideas


If you're planning your 2019 marketing but your budget is limited, check out our low-cost marketing ideas.

12 low-cost marketing ideas

1. Existing customers
Review your current customers and see where there is potential to up-sell additional products or services. Marketing to existing customers is generally cheaper and more effective than marketing to a new audience.

2. Blog
Start a blog and post regularly. A blog will help with SEO and increase the number of potential customers to visitors to your website.  It'll also allow you to demonstrate your expertise and create a positive first impression to prospective customers.

3. Social media
Use social media to engage with potential customers, network, find out what is going on in your market and spread your message. Social media is free to use but will require a time investment so make sure you have a clear objective before you start.

4. Awards
Being shortlisted for an award is great for raising awareness of your business. Most business awards are free to enter, and if you get shortlisted, you'll benefit from the positive PR and third-party endorsement.

5. PR
Feed a regular stream of interesting and relevant articles, press releases, case studies and comment to your relevant press. Editorial is free and has much more impact than paid advertising.

6. Networking
Networking is a fantastic way to make new connections and raise the profile of your business. Building relationships will reap the rewards for many years to come. Many networking events are free to attend, so you needn't commit to an expensive membership.

7. Referrals
Encourage your existing customers to promote your business to their friends and family. Offering an incentive with a referral scheme should encourage and reward word-of-mouth recommendation.

8. Email newsletter
Start an email newsletter. MailChimp is free, and you can use it to keep customers up to date with news about your products, offers or special discounts. Keeping in touch with customers in this way will encourage them to repeat purchase.

9. Free trial
Offer a free trial or introductory offer to encourage customers to try your services. A free trial can be low-cost to your business but a useful marketing tool.

10. Events
Host an event to promote your business to potential customers. This could be a workshop to showcase your expertise or an open day to invite people to see behind the scenes.

11. Speak
Approach relevant networking groups, member associations and event organisers to offer to deliver a presentation. Speaking opportunities will give you the chance to demonstrate your expertise and introduce your business to potential customers.

12. Advertise
Advertising isn't always expensive. There are low-cost opportunities such as parish magazines, social media (highly targeted), local radio, digital platforms, and even digital TV channels. Just ensure that the advertising opportunity is going to put your business in front of your target audience.

Have you got any low-cost marketing suggestions to add to the list? Is so please share your ideas in the comment box below.

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